Tracking the Performance of the Search Module: Reports

Tracking the Performance of the Search Module: Reports

Knowing the performance of the modules is important. If you would like to track the traffic of the search widget, it is valuable for you to have an idea about the breakdowns on the eCommerce website. 

Search Box Reports allow us to see these performances for both Before and After Search.
Reports of all assets in the search widget area and the device breakdown of search widget performance will be seen. Reporting can be done separately for desktop & mobile and native apps using reporting.

Let’s talk about how this works and take a look at the measurements.

Products Asset

If a user clicks on a product in the search box and buys that product, the contribution is conveyed to Segmentify. In another scenario, if the customer clicked on that product and bought another product, the contribution will not be written to Segmentify (as in Recommendation). Lastly, if the customer only buys the product the customer clicked from search, the contribution is written.

Category Asset

If the user clicks and then  buys any product from the X category, the contribution is written to Segmentify. If one of the categories of the product they bought from matches the category they clicked, a contribution is written to Segmentify.

Brand Asset

When the user clicks  and then buys any product from the X brand, the contribution is written to Segmentify. If one of the brands of the product they bought matches the brand they clicked, a contribution is written to Segmentify.

Keywords Asset

Since we do not currently have tracking for keywords, we cannot measure performance here, so we cannot count it in  Segmentify's contribution.

There is a summary of the performances of all the assets.

Segmentify enables to export all the data from the “Export All” button.

By using Segmentify's Search Module Reports, you get all the data you need, allowing you to use it in your eCommerce website's solutions.  

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