Experience the Search Dashboard

Experience the Search Dashboard

Metrics are important datas to track the performances of the features. Follow this article and learn more about how Segmentify shows the important metrics in Search Dashboard.

Here, we see Search modules’ total metrics in Segmentify's Dashboard.

Search section in Dashboard

Let's explore it in more detail and learn every part of it.

Widget Box

You see the “Widget” box at the first square in the previous image. The widget box shows the statistics about Segmentify Personalised Search.

  1.   Views: Indicate the total number of the search box that has actually been seen by visitors.


Interaction Box

 Interaction Box shows the statistics about user interaction with Segmentify Personalised Search.

  • Clicks: It shows how many times the products inside the search box are clicked by the eCommerce website's visitor.
  • CTR: Click-through rate shows the ratio between the number of clicks on the search box and the number of views by eCommerce website's visitors. It is calculated by dividing Clicks by Views.

Basket Box

Basket Box shows the statistics about products that are added to the basket through Segmentify Personalised Search.

  • Products: Shows how many products are added to the basket through the search box. This is the total number of items added to the basket. If a visitor adds two of the same product after clicking the search box, it is counted as two items.
  • Total Amount: Shows the total monetary amount of items added to the basket through the search box
  • Basket Rate: Shows the ratio between the number of products that are added to the basket and the number of products that are clicked through the search box. It is calculated by dividing Products Added to the Basket to Products Clicked.

Revenue Box

Revenue Box shows the statistics about products that are purchased through the Segmentify Personalised Search and the effect of those purchases over eCommerce website's website’s overall revenue.

  • Revenue: Shows the total monetary amount of products sold through the search box.  When a visitor buys 2 products with only one of them directed from the search box, Segmentify only adds that one product to its revenue contribution.
  • Purchases: Shows the number of purchases that include at least one product directed from the search box.
  • Purchased Products: Shows the total number of products that are sold through the search box.
  • Average Order Contribution: Shows search box’s average amount of contribution to an order.
  • Contribution Ratio: Shows the ratio between search box contribution and the overall revenue. It is calculated by the Revenue of the Widgets divided by Overall Revenue.

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