Regional-Based Structure

Regional-Based Structure

Segmentify's Search Module has a regional-based structure. Let's take a look at it.

Segmentify offers regional based support with the following values:

  • old price
  • price
  • stock
  • stockCount
There are 3 steps to be done to switch to a regional-based structure. These are:

  • Making the necessary changes on the “Account Edit” screen
  • Receiving “Product Catalog” by region
  • Sending the “region” parameter in Integration

As a result of these stages, the regional-based structure must be working properly.
If the parameter is not sent, main region, main currency, main language values are taken into consideration.

Product Catalog

Product Catalog must be requested to support all regions. Thus, the product portfolio will be compatible with the regional-based infrastructure.


In order to provide a regional-based structure in integration, the "region" parameter should be sent. Thus, region-based events will be kept.

Region Parameter in Event


Let's see how this looks in the panel.


  1. Dashboard is shown according to the regional-based structure. It allows switching to different regions with the dropdown menu. 

            a.            All: The sum of the values of all regions is shown.

            b.            Region A/B/C/...: Reporting is made according to the selected region.

  1. This section displays metrics by regional based structure the sum of all modules.
  2. This section displays metrics by regional based structure.
    The point to be noted here is that the Regional based structure can be applied only in recommendation and search modules.
  3. There is no region based breakdown in the “Your Website” section. The sum of all regions (ie all) is shown.

Your Website Section

5.            There is also a region based breakdown in the reports and sales report. 

 Reports - Executive Summary

Sales Report

This is how Segmentify's Regional Based Structure works and what we can do with it. 

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