Global Settings

Global Settings

When entering Global Settings, Segmentify Recommendation Module can be seen. By clicking on the Recommendation  Module in Global Settings, the Recommendation Global Settings can be entered.

Arrow Calculations

In Global Settings, there are settings to activate the arrow-click capability. It can be entered in "Arrow Calculations". It allows users to see reports of arrow clicks on widgets on the eCommerce site in the Dashboard.

To receive slider arrow click reports,  you need to activate the ability from the Global Settings.

Recommendation Configurations in Global Settings

Advanced Personalisation Configuration

In Global Settings, there are settings to activate the Advanced Personalisation. After activating, hierarchical main categories should be entered to activate advanced personalisation. Personalisation can be updated and used on the site. In this way, advanced personalised recommendations can be presented on the eCommerce website.

This feature works on accounts with a hierarchical category.

Personalization Configurations in Global Settings

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