How does Segmentify integrate with Klaviyo?

How does Segmentify integrate with Klaviyo?

Segmentify integrates with Klaviyo by following the steps below.

Integration Steps

Step 1. It is necessary to create new private API keys for Segmentify uses.
  1. Go Settings > API Keys
  2. Click Create API Key button. 
  3. Type in a label for the new API key.
 Then the API key will create.

Step 2. After creating the API Key, Private API Key and API Key / Site ID can be copied from the fields specified below.

Segmentify needs a Private API Key and API Key / Site ID information for integration.

Step 3. For the other Integration steps, authorise the address as “Manager”.

Follow the steps below;
  1. Go Account > Settings > Users
  2. Click “Add New User” button
  3. The email address “
  4. Choose user role as “Manager”

Step 4. On every page on eCommerce websites, there has to be defined as an object like the below.

  1. <script>
  2. window.segUserObject = {
  3. email: "",
  4. fullName: "userFullName",
  5. isRegistered :true/false,
  6. isLogin:true/false,
  7. mailPermission: true/false
  8. }
  9. </script>

  1. For sign-in users, isLogin and isRegistered information should be sent as “true”.
  2. When the user logout, isLogin variable should be sent as “false”.
  3. mailPermission; When users confirm getting newsletter emails, they should be sent as “true”.

Step5: Segmentify needs to know which email template is usable for the personalised email process (Example: Today's Golfer Black Friday). The Segmentify Success team will duplicate it and start preparing for use at Segmentify flows.

What do we need from you?

Step 1

Private API Key
Step 2

Public API Key / Site ID

Step 3

Manager role for Segmentify address
Step 4

Add user object to every page
Step 5

Example email template name

After the Integration

After the integration, Segmentify copies the flows to the eCommerce Websites Klaviyo account.
These steps are required after the integration:

Step 1. All of the email campaigns should go live on the flow.

Step 2. UTM Tracking & Smart Sending should be OFF.

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