Introduction to Segmentify’s Smart Segments

Introduction to Segmentify’s Smart Segments

Let’s talk about Segmentify’s Smart Segments!

Segmentify analyzes the shoppers, segments them automatically, and shows how you can get the most for each customer segment. Each customer segment is different and with Segmentify’s other modules you can act differently for each segment according to their needs & preferences. 

Segmentify calculates the most important metrics for each segment to harness the power of segmentation to the full extent. With advanced metrics like customer lifetime value (LTV), customer risk rate, activity ratio, and probability for the next order; our customers can deep dive into customer segment data and make different campaigns for each segment.

For a user to be included in any segment, the user must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Registered Users 

  • Users with purchases

  • Mail users

  • Push users

Smart Segments

Active Loyals

These repeat customers are your loyal customers who have made multiple orders in a short period of time and their last order was very recent. These customers are like your brand ambassadors, it often pays to reward them with special offers if they spread the word about the brand to their friends, e.g., via social networks. We should focus on loyalty programs and personalized messaging to these customers to ensure their loyalty.

Big Spenders

These are the highest spending customers who made multiple purchases with high order values. Our goal is to increase the number of high spending customers and convert them into active loyal customers.

Loyals at Risk

These repeat customers are your loyal customers who have made multiple orders in a short period of time, but it has been a long time since their last order and they have become inactive and they are at risk. We should pay high attention not to lose these loyal customers by communicating with them again through different channels (email, push notifications, etc.) and give them free credits or discounts for their preferred products/categories to win back them for their next order.

Richie Riches

These are the elite customers who bought expensive products and are not afraid to pay high prices for the products they are searching for. Our goal is to help these customers to find the expensive products they are searching for and offer other high-end products as alternatives to make up-sell.

Bulk Shoppers

These are repeat customers who have ordered multiple times and love to buy multiple items of the same product in the basket. They are open to discounts/gifts and seeking opportunities to get multiple items of their favorite products. We should offer them bulk discounts (also called volume discounts) and communicate this message on both off-site channels (email, ads, push notifications, etc.) and on-site channels (bulk discount banners, last-minute offers, and bundled offers).

Sleeping Opportunists

These are the opportunist customers who like to use discounts on their orders and have not been ordering for a long time. Our goal is to win back these customers and they are sensitive to discount & coupon campaigns, the best way to reach them is by sending emails with discount codes and bulk discounts. If we can make them offer again we can also encourage them to make future orders with discount codes that can be used in the next order.

Churn Candidates
You should aim for a churn rate that is as close to 0% as possible. In order to do this, you have to be on top of its churn rate at all times and treat it as a top priority. Our Churn Candidates segment’s customers are your old active loyals who have made multiple orders but it has been a long time since their last order. They have become inactive and if you don’t try to gain them, they are going to be churn.

One Time Shoppers

These are your customers who shopped from your store once and then faded from the scene. But once a visitor becomes a customer there is a great chance that they will purchase again. Our main objective for this segment of customers should be to build brand loyalty and convert them into lifelong customers.

Waiting First Order

These are your customers who registered to the store but did not make a purchase. They are still waiting to place their first order. It is best if we give a boost to these customers so they can come back and make their first steps into becoming our accounts’ customers.

Lost Customers

How can an online store measure churn if customers never 'unsubscribe'? We took a bold step to define churn for you by considering repeat purchase rate, repeat purchase cycle, and seasonality. Our analysis includes a different churn period for the individual customers and if the customer has passed the cut-off point (number of days after the customer will not return to make a new purchase) we marked them as lost (churned) customers and will not take into consideration overall metrics. 

You should try one final shot to win back churned customers with marketing. You can send them personal messages with titles like "We missed you" or "It has been a while". You can also add discounts or gift codes to your mail to reactivate them. If you don't get any positive return from them, you should remove them from your marketing lists, and even from the customer base.

So you've met Segmetify's really smart Smart Segments.
You can check out our other articles to learn more about segments and other features!

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