Introduction to Personalised Search

Introduction to Personalised Search

 Would you like customers to have an excellent online shopping experience by easily finding everything they are looking for on your website? If so, we have a great product named "Personalised Search" for you to make it possible.  Do you want to learn more?

Let's start by answering "What is Segmentify Search?"

Segmentify offers  eCommerce websites with a product to improve their search capabilities and provide visitors with a better “search experience”.
Segmentify's Personalised Search consists of two components: Before Search and After Search.

Before search works, until the user searches for any query.

After Search works after the user searches for any query.

This displays the products that may be relevant to the search queries made by the product and website visitors based on keywords such as product name, product category, brand, product ID. Segmentify ensures that the results are sorted intelligently. In this way, the website shall offer a better user experience to its visitors; a user shall quickly reach alternative products that may be of most interest to him/her and related to his/her search, and the process of completing the order and navigating the site shall be optimized. It will contribute to the online revenue of the eCommerce website.

But "Why is Search so important?"

  1. According to research, website visitors who carry out searches on the site tend to buy more than those who do not search, and their conversion rates are higher then those who do not search within the site.
  1. According to the Web Linc's research conducted in Q3 2016; Site searchers are 216% more likely to convert than regular users.
  2. According to the Forrester Research study conducted in 2018; Forrester Research found that 43% of visitors to a site immediately go to a search box and searchers are 2-3 times more likely to convert.
So search speeds up purchasing processes and makes a great contribution with module-based suggestions.

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