Introduction to Personalised Push

Introduction to Personalised Push

Push is a great channel for eCommerce and digital marketing because it can reach customers quickly and increase their traffic and revenues in a very basic way rather than Email and SMS. Push is a type of campaign that is usually sent instantly and comes as a notification to the desktop/phone/tablet, etc. In addition to being able to come instantly, the push campaign can come in certain periods or at a specified time. The time when the campaign will be sent to the customer can be adjusted from the panel with just a few clicks. After these adjustments, the campaign is ready to be sent!

Another benefit of Push is that it helps keep in touch with users. If email and push were to be compared, the campaigns sent by mail can only be seen when the user opens the mailbox. However, with push, campaigns can be instantly sent to customers. Therefore, it is perfect for fast communication with customers. Of course, using Email and Push modules together will be more effective in increasing the conversion rate and will lead to healthier communication.

Take your connection with your customers one step further with push notifications. 

Segmentify Push Module will place the Panel within a separated component. The Push Collection process is very clear and does not need any requirement. Only push permission data should be collected from websites or native apps, and basic recommendation integration is needed. After these steps, the Push module will be available with the campaigns within.

The image below explains the Push campaigns.

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