Introduction to Journey Builder Campaigns

Introduction to Journey Builder Campaigns

Journey Builder aims to provide users with the best personalised suggestions by getting custom information from users with question steps. The user can select the main category, category, brand, size, colour, and price range in these steps. When the user enters the site, she triggers the campaign with the "Need help?" button. By answering the questions in the Journey Builder steps, she receives product recommendations or coupons according to the information selected at the end of the steps. Thuswise, the shopping experience of the user is personalised in the best way.

Journey Builder campaign consists of 3 steps:

  • Trigger

  • Discovery

  • Delivery 

Trigger Step: The trigger button can be positioned to launch JB at the customer's site, how long the button will appear after entering the site, adding the visitor segment and visitor type with the target audience feature in this step.

Discovery Step: Interest areas to ask users can be added to the campaign. the main category, category, brand, size, colour, and price range steps can be added from the Discovery step. In this step, a product recommendation is made according to the information received from the user.

Delivery Step: After the user completes the Journey Builder steps and selects the options from the Discovery steps, Product Recommendations and Coupons are displayed according to the information chosen by the user. Product Recommendations are shown as a must in the Delivery step at the end of the Discovery step, but coupons are optional.

Information obtained with Journey Builder is fed into personalisation for all module

Journey Builder Mobile

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