How to Create Bulk / Segmented Push Campaign

How to Create Bulk / Segmented Push Campaign

With Bulk / Segmented Push Campaigns, which offer the opportunity to send push notifications to all customers or segment users, customers receive pushes from their favourite categories.

Below are some steps to create a Bulk/Segmented Push campaign.

Step 1. Login to our panel.

Step 2. Select Push module from the sidebar.

Step 3. On the Push page that opens, select Bulk/Segmented Push from the dark-colored sidebar.

Step 4. Click on the Add Campaign button to go to the campaign creation page.

Step 5. Fill in the required fields to create the campaign on the page that opens. These fields and their explanations are given in detail below:


Bulk / Segmented Push Campaign Edit Screen

  1. Campaign Name: A campaign name must be entered in this field. With this name, the campaign can be found easily on the panel.

  2. Start Date: It is the field where the start date of the campaign is selected. The campaign is published with the date selected from this area. 

  3. End Date: It is the field where the end date of the campaign is selected. The campaign stops running as of the date selected from this area.

  4. Device Types: With this field, the devices the campaign will run on are selected. There are options such as Web and App.

  5. Lifetime: In this area, how many hours the campaign will be visible after following the initial launch can be determined. For example, if it is chosen as 72, it means the users that are opening their PCs after 71 hours will get the push notifications. When the 72 hours are finished, the sending of this push campaign will be stopped. 

  6. Language: The language of the Bulk / Segmented push campaign can be selected, but the contexts of the language must be entered. For the "session-based" option, the specific languages available in the account must be selected and their contexts entered.

  7. Buttons: 

    1. Push Preview: How the bulk / segmented delivery to be sent to subscribers will look can be previewed from this area.

  1. Go Draft: With this button, the campaign can be saved as a draft.

  2. Go Live: With this button, it is delivered to the subscribers according to its timing.

  1. Title: This field indicates the name of the push.

  2. Description: In this field, an explanation can be added to the push permission campaign.

  3. Images: The URL of the image to show in the Bulk / Segmented Push can be uploaded or added as an icon/image.

  • Notification Icon (Windows Operating System - Chrome):

    Notification Icon in Push 

  • Notification Image (Windows Operating System - Chrome): 

  Notification Image in Push 

  • Notification Icon (macOS Operating System - Safari): 

Notification Icon, iOS Safari

  • Notification Icon (macOS Operating System - Chrome): 

Notification Icon, iOS Chrome

11.  Action Buttons: Action buttons can be added to the push notification, which can redirect pages.

  • Only two buttons can be added to the push notifications.

Action Buttons

12. Target URL: In this field, the URL of the page to which visitors will be directed when they click on the web push notification can be entered.

13. Scheduling: With the scheduling features, it is able to plan when the push notification will be sent.

  1. Once: It can be determined on which date it will send the bulk / segmented push campaign only once.

  2. Periodic: This option can be used if the bulk / segmented push campaign is desired to run with certain date ranges.

  3. As soon as possible: It delivers the bulk / segmented push to the subscribers as soon as possible.

            14. Target Audience: Along with the created segment (Engagement module), a popup can be displayed to a specific user audience. The desired segments are fed in for users who take certain actions in integration.

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