Before Search Input Campaign

Before Search Input Campaign

Segmentify offers categories, brands, keywords, and popular products to customers before searching the product in the search box with Before Search Input campaign.  It's a great opportunity for eCommerce websites to have the best product search experience!

As you see we have some areas in Segmentify's Before Search Input campaign edit screen. These areas allow us to create a Before Search Input campaign and every area has different functionalities.

Let’s examine in more detail.

  1. Campaign Name section allows naming the campaign. In this way, the campaign can be found easily to edit. 
  2. Device Types section allows deciding on which devices the campaign will run. 
  3. Advanced Config section operations such as search box design and manual filters are carried out.
  4. Segmentify gives the capability to test the search campaign in test mode before going live. Only test users can view test campaigns, and for being a test user, Segmentify Chrome Plugin should be used or the end of the URL can be added “?_sgm_test=on”. 
  5. With the Go Live button, the campaign will be shown to all eCommerce users.
  6. Using Mobile & App Assets allows adding the assets on the mobile & app. There are three options; Category, brand, and keyword. 
    1. Clickable: If the users want to be redirected to the relevant URL the option should be activated. 
    2. Category Tree View: This option shows the categories as Category Tree View in the search box.
    Category Tree View: Active                                                                   Category Tree View: Passive

Highlight can be done only in brand and category assets.

      7. In the Desktop Assets section assets can be added to the desktop. Each one of the fields for Category, Brand, and Keyword indicates an asset. 
  1. Clickable: If the users want to be redirected to the relevant URL the option should be activated. 
  2. Category Tree View: This option shows the categories as Category Tree View in the search box

        8. Widget Titles allows specifying Product Text & Mobile Cancel Text.
        9. In the Recommendation section Segmentify's AI algorithms can be added to before search input campaign.
      10. Using Include/Exclude Filters allows to highlight the products or narrow down the need in the search box based on the selected attributes.

These are basics to know the Before Search campaign. It's time to work wonders for eCommerce websites with this campaign!

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