Introduction to Behavioural Targeting

Introduction to Behavioural Targeting

As the name suggests, Behavioural Targeting is a module where scenarios are created based on users' behavior. Especially with Segmentation, creating campaigns for the segment where users are included is an important part of our Behavioural Targeting module.

Engagement, the other half of this module, basically aims to increase the connection of users with the brand via the campaigns it contains.

Let's take a closer look at this module.

Smart Segmentation

Segmentation, or grouping customers based on shared attributes, will help e-commerce companies send/show relevant, timely promotions and show them to their users. Age, gender, location, browsing habits, interests, and even the devices customer's use, say a lot about the customer's shopping habits. Combined with behavioural data, segmentation will empower online stores to deliver personalised experiences.

Segmentation allows us to further strengthen our other modules. Our goal is to increase the contribution rate of our modules with segmentation and to offer segmentation capability to all our customers.

Segmentation includes Smart Segments and Rule-Based Segmentation. Smart Segments are already available in the current structure and there are 10 of them. Rule-Based Segments will be a feature that we will launch in 2021-Q2 and segments that can be adjusted according to user behaviour.

Smart Segments

  • Active Loyals
  • Big Spenders
  • Loyals at Risk 
  • Richie Riches
  • Bulk Shoppers
  • Sleeping Opportunists
  • Churn Candidates
  • One Time Shoppers
  • Waiting First Order
  • Lost Customers

For more details about Smart Segments, you can read this article.


Behavioural Targeting aims to strengthen the interaction between a customer and a brand. Customers who have high interaction with the brand will make more purchases and will help promote the brand more. This can be done through various campaigns, the campaigns bring customers to the brand and increase customer loyalty.

Behavioural Targeting Campaigns

  • Popup Banner
  • E-mail Collection
  • Form-Survey
  • Notification Bar 
  • Hero Banner

With this article, you have become more familiar with Behavioural Targeting, one of Segmentify's unique modules.
You can check out our other articles to discover Segmentify's all modules!

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